Comfort in a hurry

From one coast to another.

Between the cobs in Sweden's eastern archipelago, Sjösala was once born. The salt-sprinkled waves between red cottages and cliffs gave the idea for a popular Scandinavian bike .. A comfortable everyday bike free from bent handlebars, narrow tires and a plethora of gears. Instead, a bicycle with easily rolled wheels was built to take you to and from work and back and forth on the excursion. A bicycle that rolls in clockwise, solid, and reliable, a Sjösala.

The Peak sibling is the sporty complement to Sjösala. The two brands stand for quality at an attractive price and are part of the Cycleurope family, but that's where the difference ends. With its roots in Australia's dried - up riverbeds and mountainous landscapes, the Swedish Peak cycle was born - an exciting transformation into the Swedish seasonal environment and the meeting with the active Scandinavian cyclist.

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