Bicycles with both wheels on the ground

In the beginning, the production consisted of spare parts and components for bicycles.
From the beginning of the 1940s, the production of bicycles began, which was produced on bicycle frames, which were bought by the local frame manufacturer - Børge Kildemoes ...

In the early 1950s, it was decided to find a name for its bikes. At that time, the bicycle market was dominated by many German bicycle names - and since "German" was not very popular in Denmark at that time (relatively shortly after the war), one would rather find an English name. Feel an English-sounding name, which at the same time was easy to pronounce in Danish - and the choice fell on EVERTON!

The Everton name was sold to competitors Smith & Co. on 1 January 1995. A / S in Odense, which already had, among other things, another old and very well-known Danish bicycle brand, S.C.O. However, it was a relatively short adventure when all activities and brands, including Everton, on 1 August 1997 were taken over by Kildemoes A / S in Nr. Lyndelse south of Odense, where the brand still belongs.

To this day, Everton is still known for quality bikes with a focus on use value, quality and durability as well as harmonious design. Everton are practical, simple and elegant bikes that are geared to cope with everyday hardships.

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