Life in motion

Kildemoes is the story about a super-brand, which was founded with a lathe by a farmer’s son.
Around World War II, Børge Kildemoes started manufacturing bicycles in the basement of his house. This amounted to 5-6 bicycles a day. The business grew quickly and with the help of a kind bank manager, the young entrepreneur succeeded in starting a proper bicycle factory.

The bicycles were sold under the name BKC – Børge Kildemoes Cykler, and the factory grew to become one of Denmark’s largest bicycle factories.

Sensuous super-brand

With Niels Erik Kildemoes, the son, in the saddle, the name changed to Kildemoes and the company started its own sales organisation. The aim was to establish Kildemoes as a brand through marketing efforts on TV. This communication has, through more than 15 years, focused on Kildemoes as the bicycles that appeal to your senses.

Refined design and technology are communicated through experiences so the customers do not only think Kildemoes is the best bicycle, they feel it.
This strategy has helped Kildemoes become a sovereign number one in the Danish market and a Danish super brand.

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Kildemoes electric bikes powered by EGOING

Kildemoes electric bikes powered by EGOING

For more than 70 years, Kildemoes A / S has supplied bicycles to Danes. And with EGOING electric bicycles, we meet the need for an easier everyday life for those who have a little longer at work, carry both children and shopping on the bike or who want to maintain freedom of movement even if the forces no longer reach that far. In short, Kildemoe's bikes are for everyone - and our electric bikes are no exception

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